Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Effects of Menopause Can Be Reduces By Soy

Here are my thoughts on the effects of menopause can be reduces by soy.

The soybean was first a common staple food in China about five thousand years ago. Research on the cardiovascular benefits of soy and other positive effects on cholesterol and bone health began in the early 1900s when it was discovered that chemicals called isoflavones, found in soybeans and effectively represent proportion of soybeans to prevent the leaching of bone calcium that normally occurs in people who consume red meat.

Flushing, a common symptom of menopause that occurs as a result of losses related to the temperature drop in estrogen levels can be reduced by using a supplement of soy menopause because of estrogenic effects of soy isoflavones in soybeans.

In fact, in Japan, risk, where soy foods a staple of households, women approximately one third fewer symptoms of menopause that women in the United States and Canada. Research has shown that women who consume the daily experience of soybean meal reduced approximately 40% of their menopausal symptoms.

This study reflects the exciting possibilities for future alternatives to hormone replacement therapy traditional women comfortable with hormone synthesis and the introduction of foreign substances and synthesis in their bodies.

Soy antioxidant

Another interesting characteristic of soybean, in addition to the benefits of menopause relief, has two compounds in soy known as genistein and daidzein. Both compounds are found in anti-cancer properties due to their strong antioxidant effects on the female body, with the overall hormone balancing properties of soy, especially in hormone-dependent cancers such as l the uterus and breast cancer.

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